Mustard lampshade with silk lining for colourful interiors
Teal and orange block printed silk lining for mustard lampshade
Close up of mustard linen shade with silk  lining for colourful interiors

Mustard and Silk Block Silhouette Lampshade

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This double-sided lampshade combines a mustard linen on the outside with a teal and red print silk on the inside. The colours combine beautifully as the light is turned on and the pattern on the inside is subtly revealed on the outside.

The block printed silk was printed by master artisans in Rajasthan (India) using hand-carved woodblocks and age-old techniques passed from generation to generation.

Dimensions: Dia 30 cm H 21 cm

Please note: Most of Tālaʻs lampshade can be made to measure, depending on the availability and width of the fabric. Please get in touch if you are looking for a different size. Waiting time for a shade not in stock is about two weeks after I have confirmed all the materials are available.