Tapered Inside Out Lampshade
l25 cm orange linen empire shade with green block printed cotton
Orange linen lampshade in boho setting with black wall and plants.
Lit orange lamp. Green block printed pattern on lining shines through as light is turned on

Tapered Inside Out Lampshade

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Not too big, not too small. This tapered lampshades is equally happy on a table lamp in your living room and your bedside table. Or in any other corner in need of a pop of colour and a cozy light for that matter!⁠⁠

The lampshade is made of warm yellow-orange colour European linen on the outside and red block printed cotton on the inside.

These unique light shades have a double life. The orange textured linen on the outside can be matched to your interiors as part of your chosen colour scheme. Once the light is turned on, the lining illuminates through the shade, allowing you to see the pattern on the outside. his transforms the lamp and the space around it, creating a stronger focal point in your room.

The block-printed cotton  was created by master artisans in India using hand-carved woodblocks and age-old techniques passed from generation to generation. The linen was woven in a mill run on green energy.

All our lampshades have an E27 European fitting (40mm) & come with a removable B22 British Reducer (28mm). This allows our lampshades to fit most light fittings & bases.

Product Details:

  • Item: Lampshade
  • Type: Table Lamp / Bedside Table Lamp
  • Materials: Cotton + Linen
  • Pattern: Abstract
  • Dimensions: Dia 25 Cm H 22 Cm